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Recycled Brass: Sand-cast moulds have been used to shape metals for thousands of years. Molten recycled brass is poured into a mould of baked sand and molasses to produce a basic cast. The rough piece is then ground down and sanded, before being polishing to a high shine. Recycled brass sheet and handmade circle link chain are also worked into our designs. 

Plating: Recycled brass often has impurities and varying ratios of the constituent metals. This can lead to inconsistent colour tones and accelerated tarnishing of the metal. We therefore seek as much as possible to either apply a wax coating or plate with gold or pure brass alloy (zink & copper) to ensure a long-lasting finish. The finish of each product is detailed in each product description. 

Perspex: We started experimenting with Perspex as an alternative to cut glass and soon fell in love with it's versatility and the clean, industrial luminosity it brought to the designs. Our Perspex pieces are laser or jigsaw cut in the heart of Nairobi before being hand-polished by artisans to give a smooth, reflective finish. 

Glass Beads: Beadwork has been an important part of Maasai culture for many years. The use of beads in our pieces supports the employment of Maasai women's community groups and the preservation of beading techniques passed down for generations. Our seed beads are sourced from the Czech Republic and Japan.

Shuka Blanket: Shuka, meaning sheets in the Maa language of the Maasai community, started to replace animal skins such as calf hides and sheep skin as the mainstay of Maasai male dress in the 1960s. Shuka is now loved throughout Kenya for its versatility and bright colours. We combine the plaid inspired cloth with black canvas and metallic/neon colour accents in our Shuka clutch bag collection. 

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